The Kids of Widney High: Live at the Key Club
Moon Man Records

Released in November of 2007, “The Kids of Widney High: Live at the Key Club” is the band’s first live album. Recorded at Hollywood’s Key Club, Live features fifteen of the Kids’ best-known songs, in live renditions that are often very different from the previously released studio cuts. This, their fourth album, will also be the first to capture the band’s punk spirit, banter, joking, and wild abandon that has garnered a steady following for the Kids’ rowdy live shows.

Besides having their songs covered by bands like the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs and the Aquabats, the Kids have also shared a mini-tour with Mr. Bungle (Mike Patton), featured in the Farrelly Bros movie The Ringer, been given studio time by Jackson Browne, and asked by Jimmy Kimmel to contribute songs to two of KROQ’s Kevin and Beans’s Christmas albums. Kurt Cobain was a fan and Marilyn Manson still is.

Act Your Age
Moon Man Records

This CD features 10 brand new songs including: “Life Without the Cow,” “I Make My Teachers Mad,” “Hold Me,” “Miss Understood,” “Act Your Age,” “Santa’s In a Wheelchair,” “E-L-V-I-S,” “Valentine’s Day,” “Goin’ Home,” and “Two Faces on Fidel.”

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Life Without the Cow
I Make My Teachers Mad
Valentine’s Day
Act Your Age

Let’s Get Busy
Ipecac Recordings #5
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From L to R: Melvin, Cain, Shelly, Dantell, Shantel, Fabian, Veronica,Tanesa, and Matty.

The CD has 9 original songs and a remake of the Otis Redding classic”Respect”. It is on Ipecac Recordings and distributed by Caroline. If yourlocal record store doesn’t have it they should be able to order it.

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Pretty Girls
Cowboy Brown
Every Girl’s My Girlfriend

Special Music from Special Kids | Buy me
Rounder Records #8014
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This remarkable recording results from a songwriting class at Widney High, where Michael Monagan was teaching severely handicapped students. The students poured their efforts into the writing and performing of the songs, and for this recording they were accompanied by studio musicians. As a result of the project many of the students’ behavior problems decreased and they experienced a tremendous boost of self-esteem and a feeling of accomplishment.

1990 Notable Children’s Recording: American Library Association

“They’ve always been called ‘special children’; now they know they are.” –Los Angeles Times

“Special Music . . . is of obvious value for educators and parents of developmentally disabled children, as well as for the children themselves. Beyond that, it is a model for everyone: proof of the power of creativity and of the need for imaginative dedicated teachers with faith in their students and in their own ability to brighten kids lives.” –Sing Out!

KROQ and the Kids

In ’98 and ’99 the KOWH appeared on Kevin and Bean’s Holiday CD.The Kids wrote and recorded (thanks to the generosity of Tom Murphy at Track Record and Jackson Browne and Nathaniel Kunkel at Groovemasters) a song for each CD. “Christmas is the Time” and “Santa’s in a Wheelchair.”

KROQ gives the proceeds from the sale of the CDs to charities and Widney was given $25,000 the first year and $10,000 the next. Over the last two years I’ve booked a series of concerts including Russian, Flamenco, African, Brazilian, and Korean groups to come and perform for the school. I bought a new computer, a set of drums, hundreds of dollars of percussion instruments, and buses to take the students to performances they wouldn’t normally get to. (In addition, Nathaniel Kunkel (engineer and KOWH sometime drummer)gave the music class a Power Mac and an iMac!). A HUGE thanks to Kevin and Bean and KROQ for putting the arts back in education.

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