Valentines Day

There’s a dance at my high school on Valentines Day
There’s a girl/boy I’m in love with, does she/he feel the same way
I’ve got dreams of a drive on a trip to the sea
A candlelight dinner just my baby and me

I’ll be dancin with my baby on Valentines day
I’ll be dancin’

There she/he is by the bandstand, I’m nervous and shy
I call on my courage, walk up and say “Hi.”
The band starts to play a romantic groove
I ask her/him to dance and we start to move

I’m dancin’ with my baby on Valentines Day
We’re dancin’

My love is as pure as a true love can be
But her/his love, is it real, will she/he stay here with me


All songs ©2004 Moon Man Records

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