Two Faces on Fidel

There’s an island 90 miles from Miami
Where palm trees sway in the breeze
You could dance and gamble all night if you want to
And do just about anything you please

But there were people poor and needy Who were left out of the fun
The casinos were built on their backs But now their time had come

There are two faces on Fidel (4x)

He was a man who’s ideas were different
He believed in the common man
The poor looked up to him just like a savior
They believed only he could understand

But if you had money and privilege
He was gonna take it all away
So all the rich people packed their bags
And headed for Miami, USA

I finally have a job! But he took all my money, man
I can eat! But I can’t vote!
I can go to school The newspapers are full of lies
I finally have a house of my own
Taking from the rich and giving to the poor, just like Robin Hood, I’m goin to Florida

Fidel gave everyone food and shelter
But the people he saved weren’t free
In Havana, no homeless, no borrachos
But no more Easter egg or Christmas tree

He’s lasted through blockade and invasion
But his cigar is smoked to the end
What will happen to Cuba after Castro?
Will they be our foe or friend?

All songs ©2004 Moon Man Records

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