Santa’s In A Wheelchair

It’s Christmas eve and the sky is gray
Santa’s on the roof with his reindeer and sleigh
He steps on the chimney and slips on some snow
Head first, down he goes
He lands in the fireplace, his feet in the air
And wakes up to his worst nightmare
He tries to stand up but to his surprise
He can’t get up cause he’s paralyzed

Santa’s in a wheelchair
Santa’s in a wheelchair
Rollin through the night air
Santa’s in a wheelchair

He’s lying there in a mess of toys
When he fell in he made a whole lotta noise
But only one woke up, I don’t know why
It was a kid from Widney High
She rolled in and saw him lying there
And knew that he was gonna need her chair
Santa couldn’t move and was losin time
When she spoke up and said “Take mine.”

Do we feel sorry for Santa? No! No!
Do we pity Santa? No! No!
Do we still love Santa? Yeah….. yeah, yeah, yeah

All songs ©2004 Moon Man Records

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