I Make My Teachers Mad

I wake up every morning listen to Howard Stern
I think about things I can slash and burn
Me and my friends make our plans
Bottle rockets in the gym or steal the school van

I make my teachers mad
I make my teachers mad
I make my teachers mad

Throwing chairs across the room
My teacher comes over and hits me with a broom
Rollin’ dumpsters down the hall
I hear my name being called

Bad grades and truancy
Doing jumping jacks in an emergency
Hacking passwords in the computer room
Bad language will seal our doom

Let’s break some bottles/ Don’t do that!
I’m gonna throw a chair/ It’s no good throwing chairs
Let’s jump the fence/ You’ll be suspended!
We’ll trash the pay phone/ No! People need to use the phone
Trash the main office!/ That’s not right!

All songs ©2004 Moon Man Records

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