Every Girl’s My Girlfriend

Dantell, Dantell, Dantell, Dantell
Every girl’s my girlfriend (Every girl’s your girlfriend?) 4x

I know this boy named Dantell, I always see him walking by
I’d like to stop and talk with him but I get nervous, I get shy
One day I will talk to him and tell him how I feel
And hopefully he’ll talk to me and say our love is real


He rides the bus to get to school, he gives a girl his seat
She says thanks and pushes by while he turns up the heat
The smell of perfume, long black hair, makes him feel alive
“Hello”, he says, “I’m Danetell” and he begins to jive.


It’s hard to be so popular
They think I’m cute, the say I’m fine
But when I’m with just one girl (I can’t help it)
Other girls are on my mind


Sandra, Sarah, Cindy, Sue are sensitive and sweet
Shana, Cheryl, Shel, Shantell are shy when we meet
Keisha, Carla, Coco, Kim are careing and they’re kind
Dorothy, Della, Doris, Dee are down and devine


All songs ©1999 Sossity Music

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