NYC screening, interviews, and tattoos…

1) Screening of KOWH doc in NYC (Details to the right)

2) Check out this great interview in a British magazine.

3) Here’s another interview, this time about the KOWH comic book

4) Check out this recent email from Robert in Ohio: “A friend and I got matching tattoos in honor of the Kids! We love what they do and absolutely love their music. We try to get as many people hooked on them as we can. Hopefully these will help to spread the word!”

KOWH logo tattoos

2 Responses to “NYC screening, interviews, and tattoos…”

  1. Ken Says:

    Very nice tattoos! A great tribute to a great group of kids and musicians!


  2. Ana Says:

    Wow, never know about this great tattoos, excellent! Honoring those kids with a tattoo is simply superb.

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