The KOWH Comic is here!!

After months of anticipation, The Kids of Widney High comic “Beyond the Sky’s the Limit” is finally hitting the streets! Written entirely by the members of The Kids of Widney High and illustrated by some of the comic book industry’s top talent, this gorgeous 36 page book is a milestone event in both rock n’ roll history and comic book history!

“This wasn’t some occasion where a celebrity rock band casually said ‘oh, we’d like you to make a comic book,” said editor/publisher Mike Wellman. “The Kids of Widney High were hands on from the very beginning, telling the stories they wanted to tell.” Every word of dialogue in the book was taken from extensive interview sessions with the eight members of the rock band and then compiled into a story of adventure and triumph.

A handful of very talented artists contributed to the book including: Robbi (Maintenance) Rodriguez, Rafael (Sonambulo) Navarro, Rikki (The Monacle and Jimmy Specs) Niehaus, Chuck (Black Metal) B.B., Neal (Negative Burn) Von Flue, Chris (Bainst) Brandt, and cover art by Jim Mahfood.

Available soon at your local comic book store and/or through Diamond Comics distributers!

2 Responses to “The KOWH Comic is here!!”

  1. Prof. Pete Post Says:

    Great News! I already start my college classes at Trinity Christian College (Intro to Special Education) with music by KOWH – now I can show a video and may make the comic book required reading (I think my students would love it). Thanks to all of you for the inspiration and letting my future teachers know about finding out what kids CAN do with the right motivation and accommodation (plus a little perspiration).

  2. Kong Says:

    I am astounded and just awed by your efforts. Keep up the great work and I love your hit, “pretty girls.”

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