Move over Superman, Batman, and Wonderwoman

The Big News in KOWHland is the impending release of a KOWH comic book. Imagine the KOWH as SUPERHEROS!!

It’s 95% done and we hope to have copies for sale within the month. Stay tuned for a release date.

We hope to have a release party at the Key Club.

With the Kids writing the stories, Tony Whitfield (Widney ’86) has been the motor behind this project with Mike Wellman at Comic Bug ( as the producer, editor, and generally mr. everything. Vince Licassi has contributed invaluable assistance and Dave Kinnoin ( lent a hand.

In other news, check out the documentary about Daniel

10 Responses to “Move over Superman, Batman, and Wonderwoman”

  1. TONY W Says:


    SO BE IT

    SO SHALL IT BE!!!!!!

  2. Donna G Says:

    Daniel’s story comes across as a massage of encouragement, not just for those among us who are visually impaired or otherwise handicapped, but anyone who faces challenges in life. I found Daniel’s peruste of broadcasting, despite the roadblocks he encountered in collage, heartening. Daniel sought the support of his teachers and they made accommodations that enabled him to successfully continue his broadcasting education and his quest to work in radio.
    Will Rogers said “You’ve got to go out on a limb sometimes because that’s where the fruit is.” Daniel went out on that limb to follow his love of music and now performs with a band. He plays the piano despite the limitations caused by his cerebral palsy. Words can be powerful motivators, and hopefully, Daniel’s words and the sharing of his story will inspire others to reach for their dreams.

  3. Carol Joyce Says:

    Daniel is truly inspiration to us all. It goes to show that possibilities are endless. The next time you hear someone say they can’t do it or complain give them the link to this website. The only thing that keeps people from obtaining their goals is themself. You may have to take the risk and seek the challenge but it will be well worth it. Daniel took the risk and came up a winner. He keeps challenging himself and never gives up. He has gone way and beyond what people would of thought he was capable of doing. He is living the dream.

  4. joanna hart Says:

    What an amazing story. It is really uplifting to see a person with such drive and ambition. I loved when Daniel said he was turning his disabilities into abilities. What an incredibly strong statement to make. I know I will keep Daniel’s story in mind when I think things are to difficult. I will share his story with friends and students in the future. What a great learning tool.

  5. Megan Z Says:

    Daniel’s story was awesome. In my family, a common motto is “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. Daniel’s story illustrates this so well. He isn’t going to let anything stand in his way of his goals for himself. It’s really inspiring. I hope that I get to hear him on the radio for myself someday. 🙂

  6. Barb M Says:

    Daniel story was awe-inspiring for all of us to never give up. Not only did Daniel’s drive and determination be commended but it teaches us to look at people’s abilities and strengths instead of focusing on their weaknesses. Fortunately for Daniel that he had instructors willing to create a way to teach Daniel to help him achieve his goals. I was touched by Daniel’s amazing determination and his instructors willingness to help him be successful.

  7. Amanda N Says:

    Hearing stories like Daniel’s are such an inspiration. It is extremely motivating to see a child with a “disability” overcome that obstacle. Although there have been many advancements in technology, it would be great to see more progress made to make it easier for individuals like Daniel to achieve and experience more. The video suggests mandating that movies have an additional feature that allows visually impaired people to hear what is going on in the movie when there are no words. Advancements that help the visually impaired such as these open new doors and create endless opportunities. After seeing the determination and drive in Daniel I am more convinced than ever that youths with “disabilities” can achieve any goal they set for themselves.

  8. Jessica F Says:

    Wow!! Daniel is an amazing person that I would love to be a friend to. His determination to achieve his goals is what everyone should model. His inspirational story should be viewed by everyone, anyone with or without special needs. I would like to be a teacher that can inspire my students to achieve their goals, no matter how hard they may be. Good Luck Daniel in any future goals you may want to achieve!

  9. Stacy H. Says:

    Daniel’s story was a good reminder to everyone that having a disability does not stop you from living life to its fullest. I think we can all learn from this story, how often I think in my own life did I give up because of the work that was necessary. It is also opened my eyes to just what kind of obstacles are out there for people that I take for granted.

  10. Ray S Says:

    Nicely done video. I would be lucky to have a student with Daniel’s drive and determination in my own classes. I look forward to sharing his story with some of my students who feel their life is too hard when in reality they aren’t willing to work to overcome their own obstacles.

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